Snake alert

Just a reminder to be on high alert in your surroundings, especially as the weather gets warmer we are likely to see more little visitors slithering, buzzing, and crawling throughout YFP.   If you do come across anything that is dangerous please alert your supervisor and or security to help dispose and or treat any areas if needed.  Pictured below a little rattlesnake found out at the Dry Kilns.

From the desk of: Bobi E. Manuel; Building Relationships

In celebration of 20 years of operations, we are looking forward to another 20 years! Yakama Forest Products could not have had completed this enormous accomplishment without the dedication and hard work of our employees and all who support our efforts from year to year.  The past twenty years has been challenging to say the lease.  As any business is successful, it continuously looks for improvement and changes for our employees, the lumber market, and so on.  In accomplishing this goal, we would like to start with building relationships.  The following is a few examples to think about; at work or home which are you?

Boss Vs. Leader
Drives employees Vs. Coaches employees
Depends on authority Vs. Depends on goodwill
Inspires fear Vs. Generates enthusiasm
Says "I" Vs. Says "We"
Places blame for the breakdown Vs Fixes the breakdown
Knows how it is done Vs. Shows how it is done
Uses people Vs. Develops people
Takes Credit Vs. Gives Credit
Commands Vs. Asks
Says "GO" Vs. Says "Lets Go"