Did you know? - Combustible Dust

Most people probably think dust is inert and a sign of laziness.  In reality though, some types of dust can actually cause explosions under certain conditions, any "material that will burn in air" in a solid form can be explosive when in a finely divided form.  A thin layer of dust, once airborne, can be ignited by the smallest spark like a machine being plugged in or a forklift scraping the ground.  The amount of dust accumulation necessary to cause an explosion can vary greatly due to so many variables - the particle size of the dust, the method of dispersion, ventilation system modes, air currents, physical barriers, and the volume of the area in which the dust cloud exists or may exist.  As a result, simple rules of thumb regarding accumulation can be subjective and misleading.  To keep up to date with these current conditions an interactive online seminar on dust accumulation and prevention was held for YFP supervisors, information on how to maintain and prevent conditions was discussed amongst departments.  YFP is currently looking into new ways to prevent dust accumulation and also examining our methods for maintaining our products which contribute to this factor.