Employee Profile: April Queahpama, Sales Assistant

Life in the valley has its own way of coming full circle, for April it was becoming a part of YFP before she even began her 8 year history here as a sale assistant.  The large saw mill was constructed on land that was leased out to YFP by her Grandmother, April joined her Grandmother during the groundbreaking ceremony and at the time it never occurred to April the idea of working for YFP, shortly thereafter she continued to be a part of something she always had ties to.  Forging a new path on familiar grounds assisting the sales team with processing invoices, sending out reports, placing orders for employees and tribal members and when needed assisting the accounting office and shipping and receiving.  Technically YFP is Aprils second job, first of which is the title of wife, mother and general family caretaker.  Family activities include trips to the woods for hunting, fishing and target practice, with such an active family lifestyle and also working full time it limits the experience to go places as a family.  In asking April if she had all the time and money in the world to do as she pleased she claimed she would buy land and homes for the community, that is, after she has had the chance to take her whole family to Disney World.