Employee Profile: Archie Clark, Log yard supervisor

Archie Clark is somewhat of a where's Waldo figure of the log yard, he can be spotted driving a water truck one minute, working with a front end loader the next and sometimes be found at the sawmill helping out with a repair on a chainsaw, all part of the daily grind that is presented to a small core team who manage to jump from one position to the next at the drop of a log.  If you think back to what you were doing 17 years ago the idea may be a vague memory at best.  For Archie it was the beginning of YFP as employee number 17.  How has he managed to stay around so long?  He simply replies 'Easy, I show up everyday' as he chuckles and nods to himself.  He would like nothing more than to come in and work the shovel loading logs onto the decks, yet each day is as unpredictable as the next which keeps him tied to several duties at once.  Away from the working hours he is a busy family man, who envies the hibernation traits of a bear.  Prior to his employment here at YFP he was a full time logger for seven years and would still be so today if his path by chance would have gone the other direction.  One thing that wouldn't have changed would be his frank sense of humor and his calling towards the game of darts.