Employee Profile: Arlen Moses Sr., Forester


Arlen Moses Sr. born December 25th 1933.  This Christmas Arlen will be turning 80 which for many is still hard to believe as this forester for YFP, once retired from the B.I.A. is still making his rounds out in the log yard.  Arlen has a very experienced life and as it continues to grow he believes this was made possible by staying active.  In asking Arlen about his very first job he remembers starting out in the fields at 11 years old on the weekends, training hops, working with hay, repairing fences, digging ditches, sewing sacks, all at 50 cents an hour.  In addition to this he spent a lot of time salmon fishing at Celilo Falls until it flooded; he learned how to set trap lines for muskrats from his uncle, and became more and more of an athlete playing basketball throughout his school years.  The summer before his senior year he worked at the White Swan Lumber Company working on the green chain, once he finished high school he returned to the White Swan Lumber Company and stayed there for 17 years.  Loading box cars, feeding the planer, grading lumber, being a trimsaw operator, the list of positions fades into the background as he mentions in the 70's he began working for the B.I.A. as a production scaler, eventually becoming a certified log check scaler.  Being a log check scaler granted him the opportunity to travel all over the northwest to various mills or wherever logs were delivered, in doing so he also trained new foresters and technicians on log scaling.  Arlen worked for the B.I.A. for 41 years then decided to retire which didn't last long as he began working for YFP that very same year as our forester.  The decision to come back to work was based on what he knew, still obtaining all the knowledge he has gained over the years that can still be applied and in doing so keeps him mentally and physically active claiming that all the miles is going to keep you in good health.  Many also know Arlen from his days in the local Indian Rodeos which he helped start and was very involved with.  On the side he also shoed horses and branded cattle which he kept up with for a good 50 years and when his horses became to old he retired those trades as well.  To date Arlen has an extended family, a wife of 58 years, 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and 9 great grandchildren.  He and his wife enjoy singing and playing gospel music on their guitars and are often practicing new songs to master.  Arlen's key to success is also his advice as well 'give it a try, don't give up', a lifetime resident of White Swan he believes it is important to maintain employment on the reservation and how vital it is for a place like YFP to provide the same opportunities he had experienced growing up.