Recently complete maintenance projects

Dry Kilns - The lentil, which is the header to the main door going into one of the kilns, has aged over the years with rust and corrosion.  This has not only caused a waste of energy and steam to leak out through the door but also became a safety hazard as well.  The project of having the lentil replaced was researched and sent out to contractors with bids for the work being around $6,000 which included a lengthy time frame estimate of 5 days to repair.  This project was kept in house and was recently completed by an eager and determined team that included Melvin Miller, Don Scroggie, Jerry White, and Stuart Zack.  Thank you to those involved in your help with the completion of this project.  Plans are in the works for the same kind of repair for the remaining dry kilns.

Hew Planer - The lug loader at the planer is one of the key elements that keeps the planer running as it moves the boards down a line one at a time, operated by pneumatics.  Recently the hew planer went down in operation due to a broken shaft related to the pneumatic, with the broken shaft operations were forced to relocate to the large saw mill planer.  A one week time frame was sent into action to have the shaft fixed and the hew planer in full operation again.  The completion of this project was a day and a half ahead of schedule with operation at full preciseness on its first run.  The key to this successful completion was a team who has always gotten along great with each other which kept their attitude in a positive perspective during the duration of the repair.  Thank you to Darryl Armour, Chuck Clark, Victor Estrada, Melvin Miller, Ramero Ojeda, and Jerry White in your help in the completion of this project.  Current plans for this loader include improving function to make operation even more efficient.

A special thank you to all of our maintenance crew in working with our departments to keep YFP in operation day in and day out.