From the desk of: Bobi E. Manuel - Encouraging words

"Thank you", "Please", "Will you help me?", "Good job", are words we all would like to hear.  More importantly these words are appreciated when we hear them from a co-worker, supervisor, and management.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  Studies have shown when we feel good, our attitudes are better.  When our attitude is positive, we are more likely to do a better job at work.  With these "Encouraging words", we would like to extend a "Thank you" personally for the jobs you do and all the little things your supervisor doesn't know you do, and you do it anyway.  We ask you "Will you help me?" in making Yakama Forest Products an even better place to work?  As a small tribe/family, YFP is what we make of it.  You all are a very good source of information.  "Please" come forward and share your concerns, ideas and ask questions.  No question is a dumb question, only communication.  If there is a question please do not hesitate to call, stop by my office or let your supervisor know you need to come see me.  Also I apologize for the delay in the release of this newsletter as other priorities have delayed the process of sending this out.