From the desk of: Bobi E. Manuel: New Year: New Handbook

As tired and true as any resolution could be at the beginning of the year, nothing could be more important than re-prioritizing our policies, disciplines, and safety here at YFP - Setting the course with what we have learned from yesterday with what we live with today and what we hope for tomorrow.  The YFP handbook has been updated to reflect new policies and procedures and to expand on some areas for clarity.  As many of you know we have been meeting with crews to review the new handbook and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  I encourage you to continue to ask questions or voice any concerns that may arise and talk with your supervisor and know that you can always call or stop by my office as well, I am not able to help you if you do not voice your questions or concerns.  Copies of the new hand book are available at the Large Saw Mill Office, if you have any questions regarding the handbook please feel free to call or stop by my office.  Also I apologize for the delay in the release of this newsletter as other priorities have delayed the process of sending this out.