YFP and the community

When YFP recently became SFI certified again, one note of practice given to us was our strengths in community outreach.  YFP makes donations be it in materials or money to individuals for memorials, events, and even schools.  Often enough the recognition of these donations fall silently to the wayside in our busy day to day operations.  We are going to make more of an effort to highlight our community actions to not only pat ourselves on the back but encourage us all to think for our community and the progress we are making in it as well.  Recent donations include a couple of partial units that were donated to the tribal school which will help stock their new woodshop: the school also has plans to build greenhouse.  Some framing lumber was donated to the Eagle Alternative School who will be building a culinary arts section in conjunction with Job Corps.  And more recently a donation of logs and wood chips were donated to the Yakama Nation Housing Authority for the Mt. Adams View play areas.  We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to work with our community and be able to supply the resources when needed and continue to strive on and for these kinds of actions for many years to come.