From the desk of Bobi E. Manuel: New Beginings

October 1st is the beginning of our fiscal year here at Yakama Forest Products.  With that said, a new year and we all can look forward to some change.  As we move forward we encourage you to make suggestions, ask questions and help us make this new fiscal year a great year for Yakama Forest Products! 

Revised Employee Handbooks are in the process of printing.  All Supervisor's have received one of the new Employee Handbooks.  There has been some minor changes to the Employee Handbook given to all Supervisors.  We look forward in getting each of you your copy.  When we receive them I will be meeting with each department to hand them out.  As always we appreciate your written comments and concerns regarding the Employee Handbook and any other concern you may have.  Please turn them into the Human Resource office.

New changes that will affect you as of October 1st 2014

Attendance incentive increase from $200 to $400 monthly

Points for termination have been reduced from 13 to 9

Doctors notes will not be accepted as an excused absence for the attendance incentive, however they are still required to avoid points.