From the desk of: Bobi E. Manuel - Distractions

As professionals we specialize in many types of jobs here at Yakama Forest Products. An important safety reminder to everyone: Never let yourself become distracted - even for a second - from the job. The key to safety, professionalism, and our success depends on our ability to communicate with each other. Our working environment is unique in that our years of employment is somewhat divided down the middle; we have employees that have been here for many years and even some from the very beginning, the other half of our crew can be as green as they come, so it is vital that we communicate the needs, suggestions, and work together if there are areas for improvement it is not just the supervisors job to take the lead on this, it is something that is required of all of us. The secret to sustaining not just a job but a company is communication. With that sometimes we are to quick to assume another knows what is happening, follow up with questions for clarification. The more we communicate the more everyone is on the same page not only creating a more productive working environment but a safer environment filled with less distractions.