From the desk of: Bobi E. Manuel - Short Term Disability

Just a reminder on our short term disability policy (off the job).  The first three days off of work will be without benefit.  Thereafter, qualifying employees shall receive 50% of their gross wages for each lost day.  In order to receive short-term disability pay you must submit a written excuse from your attending physicians and an estimate of when you shall return to work with full medical release.  Weekly contact with Human Resource Office is required.  The maximum length of benefit shall be 30 calendar days.  Upon review and approval of the Human Resource office, this benefit may be extended by up to 60 calendar days, for a total maximum benefit period of 90 calendar days.  There will be no exceptions to exceed 90 calendar days.  Employees on short term disability will not receive holiday pay.  Employees that have off the job injuries can not return to work until they have a full release to return to full duty from their attending physician.  If you have any questions please feel free to call or stop by the H.R. office.  Please also refer to page 14 of your employee handbook, handbooks are also available at the large sawmill office.