Employee Appreciation - 2nd Quater

For the second quarter we would like to acknowledge the following for their years of service spanning 5, 10, and 15 years.

Eugene Umtuch Jr and Carlos Rodriguez have been with YFP for 5 years.  Gerald Hoptowit, Patrick Brooks, Vanessa Patchpe, Brad Goudy, Kato Smiskin, and Robert Lewis  have been with YFP for 10 years.  And Donald Scroggie, Anthony Wahpat, and Leila Vigil have been with YFP for 15 years. 

A huge thank you to all for all the hard work you have done day in and out to keep YFP operational.  Employees will receive 5 year sweatshirts and 10 and 15 year coats.

In addition to our appreciation we would also like to say a found farewell and thank you to two great employees Earl Robinette and Leila Vigil who will be hanging up their YFP hardhats, both have been with YFP for 15 years and we wish them the best on their future endeavors.