Mandatory Benefit Enrollment for all Employees

Open enrollment will begin Tuesday June 10th 2014, this enrollment will be mandatory for all employees.  If you are interested in making any changes to your benefits such as adding family members or removing family members from your plan, increasing or decreasing your life insurance this will be the time to do so.  This enrollment will be mandatory regardless if you have changes or not, if you have questions regarding your benefits please call or stop by the Human Resource office.

Effective date for this coverage will begin July 1st 2014, all employees will receive new benefit cards as well.  For a list of doctors and hospitals visit  and search by employer/group I.D. our medical group number is 449, or call 1-800-231-6935.

Aflac Representative, Jerry Ingraham, will also be onsite during this time for those employees who wish to sign up for additional coverage, or need to make any changes.  Please note Aflac is an outside provider separate from YFP, employees who wish for additional specific services may be interested in talking to Jerry Ingraham at this time.