Employee Luncheon

YFP held a luncheon for all employees and their family members on sight at the large planer warehouse. We are very fortunate that we can take an afternoon to come together as an enterprise and share in our success of all the hard work that is done here at YFP.  A special thank you to Willis Wiltse, Garrett Hendrickson, and Ty Young for obtaining and prepping the meat that was served, Gary Piel, Ramero Ojeda, Dane March for being our cooks.  Doug Olney, Ralph Kiona for obtaining, prepping and cooking the salmon and to Sheldon Howell for also donating salmon from his scaffold.  To all of our supervisors and managers and staff who pitched in and helped when they could, all of whom we could not have done without. And also a special thanks to Dave Manning at CED for not only letting us borrow their company grill but also for delivering, setting up and picking it up as well. 

We look forward to the many more gatherings to come.