The Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation are descendants of 14 tribes and bands that are federally recognized under the Treaty of 1855.  The reservation is located in south-central Washington, along the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range.  The reservation consists of one million three hundred seventy-seven thousand thirty four acres. 
The Yakama Indian Nation is very rich in resources.  It is the Nation's primary responsibility to foster economic development and community growth while maintaining harmony with nature.  The Yakama Nation develops natural resources with strict adherence to culture values and traditions.  While respecting nature through sustainable forest practices, the nation is moving forward with projects that build on its traditional timber-based economy.  The annual allowable cut is now 80 million board feet per year. 
As a way to fully utilize and add value to the allowable timber cut that comes of the Nation's land a sawmill was deemed necessary.
Phase 1 which started in January 1995 was to establish a log sorting facility in White Swan where logs from timber sales purchased by Yakama Forest Products could be sorted by grade and diameter to target specific log markets.  Phase 2 which started in September 1998 is our small log saw mill which is set up to cut the 4"-12" logs.  Phase 3 which started up in June 2002 utilizes our 13" and up logs.  At full production levels the combined production volume out of both mills is close to 200 million board feet.  The mills currently are cutting 70-80 million board feet per year.
Using sound business practices with advance sawmill technology, it is our goal to produce lumber that will lead the market in quality and provide a customer service that is second to none.